World Scholar’s Cup - Global Round: Cups, medals and tickets to Yale

With the outstanding victory in the Hanoi Regional Round hosted on 26/62017 at the Vietnam Convention Center, students at The Olympia Schools have certainly earned their spot in the Global Round.

First time hosted in Vietnam, the Global Round attracted more than 3600 outstanding contestants from over 65 nations around the world. This refreshing new “universal academic festival” has brought Olympians a one in a lifetime opportunity to socialize and gain knowledge at a global scale.

The Junior division of The Olympia Schools team line-up in this year’s competition

World Scholar’s Cup 2017 has long been renowned for being a team-based academic competition for students all around the globe, testing their all-rounded knowledge in Politics, Social Studies, Science - Technology, History, Literature, Music and Arts. With this year’s theme “An Unlikely World”, scholars at Olympia have confidently showcased the abilities to debate and present with varied knowledge in the aforementioned subjects.

The Senior division of The Olympia Schools team line-up in this year’s competition -

At the Junior division, Olympians in our elementary school has excellently completed 3 debates with 2 victories. Their performance exceeded those of secondary-school teams from countries such as Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Thailand,... As a final result, our elementary and secondary scholars has crossed the finish line with more than 100 gold medals, 5 cups and 5 “golden tickets” to the grand finale - The Tournament of Champions - hosted in Yale University, United States. At the Senior division, our high-school scholars were also showered with medals and 3 “golden tickets” to the Tournament of Champion in Yale University, United States.

Le Dieu My (grade 11) has earned multiple medals and the ticket to Yale -

Nguyen Nhi Linh (grade 11) has earned multiple medals and the ticket to Yale -

Beside all the medals and the victories, the skills gained from socializing within the international community throughout the entire tournament are the most valuable accomplishments. Contestants have noted that the Global Round as a remarkable experience bringing together countless talented and competitive scholars from around the world. After the Global round, the organization committee selected the student with the most exceptional performance to attend the grand finale - the Tournament of Champions - hosted in Yale University in November this year.

The competition has left contestants with a lasting positive impression regarding the necessity of collaboration and friendship between students from other nations. The World Scholar’s Cup, a superb chance for students to meet and greet with one another, have created an unforgettable experience for contestants’ on their path of becoming a global citizens.