Millennial with exceptional work ethic claims scholarships from 6 American universities.

17 year old Le Nhat Quang received several university acceptances with scholarship offers from 6 universities in the US.

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Among the universities includes Clark University, Creighton University, Austin College, Baylor University, Stonehill College, The College of Wooster. However to accomplish such achievement was no walk in the park, Nhat Quang owes it all to his persistence and work ethic.

Ever since sophomore year, Quang yearned to study abroad and it was in his nature to pursue that dream till the end. After researching about his future career as well as cultures in different countries, Quang has set his eye on studying in the United States. ‘I like the way American work ethics and how much they dedicate to their education system. That’s why I want to study there. I spent time doing research about my favorite universities, of the American culture and what I needed to do to receive financial aid to attend school there.’ - Nhat Quang noted.

Full name: Quang Le Nhat

Year of birth: 1999, former student at The Olympia Schools

Achievements in high school:

- Distinction degree in three consecutive years

- 7.0 IELTS; 1250/1600 SAT.

- Runner-up, Badminton Contest in two consecutive years, competing with other International Schools.


6 months plus another 3

Stepping into high school, Quang knew that his English needed improvement. Thus along with independent study, Quang often took advantage of his conference time to actively communicate with foreign teachers to improve his communication skills. Besides practicing, Quang also incorporated studying with his hobbies, reading and listening to music in English to further improve his skills. In addition, after school he would come home to be tutored three times a week, three hours a day, an astonishing 9 hours of extra classes per week. Six months went by and his efforts did not go in vain, Quang had accomplished his goal and achieved a 7.0 score on the IELTS.

Similar to other teens applying to college Quang also struggled a great deal with his personal statement essay. 'Choosing the subject is not a problem, but having an emotional and outstanding essay is a real challenge for me. I don’t have a flare for Literature.’ - Quang admitted. He decided to write on the topic “Talk about the challenge you've overcome and had a victory over yourself”. The reason for this is fairly simple. He simply wanted to be the protagonist, the hero of his own story. He dedicated another 3 months and countless revisions to perfect his essay.

Whilst receiving the final results and weighing his opportunities, Quang decided to study at the College of Wooster with $37,500 USD per year in scholarship. While achieving such a milestone in his academic journey, Quang has set another that is to take on an MBA and work abroad in the future. The story of a boy who would not cower in the face of challenges and powered through is an inspiration to all and comes to show that anything is indeed possible if you set your heart to it.

Some pictures in his normal days