Millennial with a bad habit of “letting the grass grow under his feet” wins 6 scholarships from several universities in the US.

Despite his bad habit, Nghia plans to overcome it to achieve better academic results in the upcoming academic year in university.

Trong Nghia has been on cloud nine since the moment he received acceptance letters from six US universities out of the eight that he has applied to. These universities include Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Drexel University, Miami University, Depauw University, SUNY at Buffalo, University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Full name: Nghia Nguyen Trong

D.O.B: 1999

Former student at The Olympia Schools

Achievements in high school:

- Winner of the contest 'RMIT School Challenge'.

- One of 30 Vietnamese students participated in the contest “Future of the young” 2016

- IELTS 7.5 and SAT 1430.


Selecting the ultimate university fit 

In a quote Nghia noted, “I’m still pleased with the overall outcome and happy that I was accepted. Because some of the universities are not only dream destinations for me but also have generous support in terms of scholarships that are in line with my family’s financial capabilities.”

Nevertheless, in the process of applying to university, Nghia indeed struggles with his personal statement essay especially when trying to find his own story to tell, a struggle very familiar to many students his age.  Due to his innate nature, Nghia is not as active as others in his class in terms of excelling in extracurricular activities, thus he often felt like he did not have many stories to tell.

Because of his strength, most of the institutions he applied to specialize in the science and technology sector. Thus after already spending a period of time to choose his story, Nghia finally chose to highlight his academic capabilities as well as achievements in national competitions for his essay.  His essay took over a month to complete.

After receiving acceptance letters from six universities in the US, Nghia came to conclusion that there are 3 most important lessons for applying to study abroad. Students should select universities that are in line with their academic abilities, personalities and financial capacity. The right selection would increase your chances to win scholarships.

Procrastinating at its finest  

Despite his bad habit, Nghia was still reluctant to admit that he is a procrastinator. ‘ Sometimes, I would wait till the deadline is on my tail and then finish all tasks in the last possible second. Nghia usually relaxes by spending time with his friends and relatives. Similar to other teenagers this day and age, Nghia is quite active on social media such as Facebook.  “It does effect the quality in my assignments but fortunately… somehow it has not had such a huge impact on my academic profile.”

This habit began ever since secondary school, however, it has improved since high school began. Even so, Nghia has discussed that he is continually trying to correct his habit for it to not affect his performance while studying in the United States

This August, Nghia is to attend the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Although the student’s community is quite small, this university gained his interest with its’ outstanding curriculum, in comparison to the other technology institutions. In addition, the financial support is quite generous offering approximately $ 21,500 / year in scholarship (approximately 490 million Vietnamese dong) suitable for his family’s financial capabilities.

Nghia in his graduation day 

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