“Hanoi in your eyes” - An obscure Hanoi

On October 20th 2017, the students from grade 7,8 and 11 held successfully a workshop called “Hanoi in your eyes”. This is an interdisciplinary project (Literature - History - Geography - Fine Art - Music) with many interesting activities.

Students have turned the workshop into a “Hanoian” cultural space with paintings exhibition full of student based pieces, some assignments express their own feelings about Hanoi, songs, pictures ... Each piece has brought the perspective of each individual even generation view of Hanoi. More specifically, during the workshop, young people discussed passionately on the situation and solutions to solve some hot issues of Hanoi such as traffic jams, environmental pollution, encroachment of business on pavements..

Thu-Yen Nguyen, a student from grade 11, shared some of her thoughts about on her homeland, in her passionate assignment namely “Human of Hanoi”. She came up with attractive ideas and topic such as: Hanoi in Tet Holiday, the development of this city, who are we in the twirl of development of Hanoi?...

Through these sharing, Hanoi is presented lively, and “obscurely”. Hanoi stands in our mind and its images, memories are always living in our hearts - in the past, in the present and in the future.

Hanoi in Tet Holiday

“The old Hanoi... I remember how quiet it was. I remember the smell of firecracker, new clothes and the time when I wandered along the flower market with mom or visit our grandparents. This was my Tet Holiday in the past.”

“Hanoi now... Too crowded, a lot of traffic jams. Everybody would go outside like they couldn’t stand to be in the house together. It leads to the loss of meaning of Tet Holiday.”


“Hanoi in the future...Oh I can’t imagine. I think Hanoi will develop very quickly but in uncontrollable way. It seems like the tree which grows fast but unsteadily.” - shared by My-Linh Phan (28 years old) who grew up in a family with 10 generations in Hanoi.

The development of Hanoi

"I suddenly remembered the " Tired City "series, which won the first prize of the Behance Portfolio Review last year. Paintings of the Turtle Tower in Hanoi with sad tones still haunted me. In my opinion, Hanoi will be sadder if it stands with the huge changes of this era: The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing rapidly. People look at each other through the computer/ smartphone screen as the result of the development of technology. Everyone stuck in the keyboard ... A tired city of the busy with everyday life.

But I still accept it. I am in the search for kind-hearted people, stories and moments everyday, around here. And I hope the good little things will continue to grow and transcend.”  - shared by Hoan Tu Boi (Communication Education)