Olympia Film Festival Award 2016

On April 24th, Olympia Film Festival Awards 2016 have been presented to the best movies and film crews at VOV Theatre.


 Judged by an international board of Alex Garland (UNIS), Alex Formosa (Spain), Trieu Quang Huy (Ninja Film Production), Matt Dworzanczyk Best Film Award went to “Check Mate” by Peakamo Team from BIS, followed by EATATE's ROI and Red Rabbit Production's Forgotten. Mr. Alex Formosa, Master in Music for Film and Visual Media, one of the judges said that he was absolutely impressed by the ability of the students this year from the script to filming techniques, editing and how to handle the assignment.


Within 9 days, each team were to complete an eight-minute film. A character named Tran Minh Anh, a line of dialogue: “Maybe in another life”  and a clock are compulsory elements. According to Mr. Nhat Thanh, an Olympia graduated student, representing the organization of Olympia Film Festival 2016, this assignment was a huge challenge because it required flexible creativity of the students. Through the pictures, students have an opportunity to show their point of view and perspectives from life.


Olympia Film Festival is an annual film contest organized by The Olympia Schools for students from all international schools in Hanoi. This second year of Olympia Film Festival was attracting more than 10 movie crews from international schools including Olympia, UNIS, BIS, St.Paul, etc.