Grade 10 on seeking for water ambassador

During the first 9 weeks of this new school year, TOS grade 10 students have been standing along side in a special four-week journey seeking for the Grade 10 Ambassador of Water manifested in four main activities:
1. Experiential study trip to Ha Dong MTV Water Supply Ltd. Co. 
2. Science experiments
3. Virtual classroom "Ocean Exploration Journey"
4. Action plan to be the Ambassador of Water
Earlier this month on 19th September 2016, students were exploring Ha Dong Water Supply Ltd. Co. and the ways in which water from Da river are processed and distributed to each household. Curiousity and questions were raised among the 10th graders with regards to the different color of water, filter system, etc.
Following the field trip, students will study further on water supply and work on campaigns to raise awareness of Olympians re subject matters, said
Mr. Nguyen Duc Truong - grade 10 chemistry teacher as project facilitator.