Chiba University students’ demo class for grade 9


Earlier this March, The Olympia Schools welcomed professor and students majoring in Education and/or Pedagogy from Chiba University (Japan) in an educational and cultural exchange program. Professor. Koji Sijui and teaching students have been organised two chemistry classes which engage Olympians of grade 8 and 9 into two experiments entitled “See our own DNA" and “Absorption phenomena". Yoto Akiba, one of the teaching students expresses her positive impression of Olympia students' competency and ability in the subject matters: “We are glad to have an interesting class with these students”.


Along with these demo classes, the group also took part in Chris McDonald's humanities class covering Japanese culture and discussing comparative view points between Vietnamese and Japanese, Western and Eastern culture, etc. Enlightened by those insightful information, Dang Minh Quan, a nine grader, said, “the session gave us real stories from real Japanese people, not merely those from internet that we have found, which made the class more exciting and close to the reality".


Earlier last year, during an international exchange program, Ms. Mai Ha, head of HELP department also participated in a three-month training and researching period at Chiba University, marking a promising partnership between two institutions.