After-care Program

After-care Program—Monday through Thursday, 4:15pm to 8:00pm 

The Olympia Schools provides extended hours for all students after the close of the academic day. Serving to reinforce purposeful recreation and good habits, the program allows students to exercise their bodies and creative energies until dinner time, when they will sit with teachers to review their day, practice proper manners and behavior, and set plans for the completion of homework—all in English. After meal clean up, students will prioritize assignments and begin working on homework in a quiet, purposeful environment until pick-up at 8pm. An enrichment experience, this program moves students away from video games and a sedentary lifestyle and promotes active learning and engagement with teachers and fellow students. Soft skills, such as time management, prioritizing and completing tasks, self-discipline, and self-actualization, are the core objectives of this curriculum. Teachers of math, science, English, and literature will monitor study hall and provide assistance and tutoring if needed. Thus, when students finish their day at 8pm, they will have accomplished many tasks and will have the confidence and satisfaction that comes with a job well done!